2014 Winter Olympics Hashtag Trends

2014 Winter Olympics Hashtag Trends


Have you been watching the Winter Olympics Games in Sochi? And have you been watching the Hashtags? Several trends have emerged since the start of the Games. Social, political and personal stories have been played out across the internet in a stream of 140 character messages and conversations. These messages and images are giving us another way to look in on and follow the games, the athletes, regional politics and more.

Hashtracking has been following over 450 olympics hashtags since the start of the Winter Olympic Games. The hashtags are arranged into categories that include, Ceremonies and Traditions, Teams and Athletes, Events, Venues and Locations, News and Politics, Social Media and Sponsors.

Several Olympics hashtag trends have emerged.

  • Hashtag Hijacking: Hashtracking is following McDonalds hijacked #CheersToSochi Hashtag as well as the #LGBT hashtag, associated with the hashtag’s activist takeover.
  • Hashtag Humor: Hashtags have provided comic relief throughout the games, as evidenced by the popular #OlympicPickupLines, #Quinning  and #SochiToilet Hashtags


  • Political Hashtags: Commentary on #Putin and #Russia, #OpSocial and #SochiProblems hashtags have highlighted regional tensions.
  • Virtual Spectatorship: Individual sporting event and ceremony hashtags like #OpeningCeremony, #icehockey, #FigureSkating and dozens more invite second screen viewers to experience the Olympics in real-time from anywhere.
  • Social Media Team Pride: From Canada’s #WeAreWinter to The US Team’s #GoTeamUSA slogan, Olympians are vocal online. Practically every nation participating is sharing their pride via team tagged tweets.



  • Athletes working social platforms as well as Olympic podiums: Hashtags like #TeamTucker have sought to find dates for a lovelorn Olympian. Other athletes are using celebrity to save stray #SochiDogs. Fans & athletes seek to support a Lebanese Olympian and make a political point, via #StripForJackie.
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Hashtags have changed how we follow live international events and filter the news we receive. They give us the opportunity to voice an opinion and interact with newsmakers. That’s a trend that we predict will only continue to grow.

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